Agia Marina Beach


Agia Marina, one of the most popular and organized sandy beaches in Crete island with a lot of famous beach bars and clubs. Is located in close proximity to the town and can be reached in just 5 minutes on foot from  Lavender Villas. Apart from making an appointment here for a summer dip, you can enjoy flirting by the sea. The beach is long and sandy and has a row of beach bars just where the heart beats in summer in Chania. 

You can find many places for entertainment and recreation that will offer you relaxation, a good meal and refreshing cocktails.

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Opposite the beach of Agia Marina you'll see the protected island of Thodorou, which has been declared a natural reserve. There is a large colony of the endangered Cretan wild goats , called Kri-Kri, in Crete, moved here from the White Mountains (i.e. the area around Samaria Gorge).


The exotic Balos lagoon in the north west of the prefecture is formed between Tigani cape and the Gramvousa peninsula. Just as you approach it you will think that it is a miracle of nature owing to the unique natural landscape that unfolds in front of you.

The tranquil lagoon has shallow crystal clear, warm water, endless white sand, which in areas is pink, and a canteen for the bare essentials. Access to Balos is either by road, a 1.5 hour drive and a 30 minute walk along a small dirt track, or by boat from Kastelli port in Kissamos

The trip includes a a stop at the famous fortress (pirate) which is situated on the beach in Gramvousa and is a Natura protected area.


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One of the best beaches for most visitors is Falassarna, located in the north-west of the prefecture and 51 km from the center of Chania.

You might think you are swimming in a pool at this fully equipped beachfront destination with its white sand and crystal clear waters, which has been voted several times as the most beautiful beach in the prefecture. It is the ideal choice for relaxation under the summer sun. One of its strengths is the dreamlike sunset which will keep you here until nightfall.



This is one of those beaches that, on approach, exclaims, "this is what paradise must look like"! Elafonisi is one of the best known beaches throughout the world, not only on the island, but the whole of Greece. It is located in the south west of the prefecture and is about 1.5 hours (75 km) by car from the centre of Chania.

In many parts of the vast sandy beach you will notice shades of pink sand and small shells. This alone will divert your mind from the huge crowds that visit every day. The beach, with its unique natural beauty, lagoon formed in the shallow blue water, has become a Natura 2000 network protected area and has been voted 17th in the list of best beaches in the world by Tripadvisor users and 5th out of 25 best European beaches.

Panagia Chrisoskalitissa Monastery, built on a rock is located near the beach.

Seitan Limania

Known as the Stefanou beach, the small Seitan Limania bay is 22 km northeast of Chania town. Your initial image on reaching here from above can only be described as celestial, with sea lanes penetrating the rugged rocks of the majestic Akrotiri cliffs.

It is a common secret among the locals, who try to keep it hidden from mass tourism as the coast is truly magnificent. With its crystal clear water and white sandy beach, it is certain to become your favourite.

To reach it, bear in mind that will need to walk downhill for about 20 minutes.


The seaside village of Stavros is 17 Km from the center of Chania town is the northernmost part of the Cape. It is known for the filming of Zorba the Greek starring Anthony Quinn, who danced the famous Syrtaki in 1964.

Stavros has two beaches. The main beach is in the east part of the village and is characterized for its white sand and crystal clear, shallow water. The beach is fully organized and offers modern amenities to bathers.

The other beach is 200 meters away and has coarse sand and rocks, and has fewer amenities.


Anydri beaches

The secluded beaches by village Anydri, also known as Gialiskari or Dialiskari, are surely some of the most beautiful beaches of West Crete. Gialiskari is located 4km east of Paleochora and 80km South of Chania city. The beaches are the easternmost part of the coastline of Paleochora, having an overall length of 18km.

Gianiskari is actually a cluster of adjacent peaceful beaches at the exit of Anidri Gorge. Two of them are shaped on the two sides of a short peninsula. They have small pebbles and deep cool waters, while umbrellas are provided. A few meters further (on the east), there is a beach called Ammoudia (sandy beach). These beaches are located at the exit of the gorge that starts from the nearby village of Anydri.


Gialiskari is nudism friendly, like most beaches of Paleochora. In order to get to Gialiskari from Paleochora, follow the dirt track leading to the east. After the camping, follow the road along the beach till you meet the peninsula. There is also a sign to “Gialiskari”. If you don’t have a car, you can walk the 4km to the beach, but is usually very hot.

Gialiskari beach was very popular with the hippies of Paleochora in the 1970s. They used to walk from Paleohora with supplies of water and food and stay on the beach for a few days at a time swimming, playing music and generally having a good time. Anydri beach can also be reached by walking down the beautiful gorge from Anydri Village.

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